Arial and Verdana Fonts So Old School - hello Google Web Fonts

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Arial and Verdana Fonts So Old School - hello Google Web Fonts

The availability and ease of customization of cool web fonts is pushing more web designers to use tools such as Google Web Fonts to create fonts that match their brand. Google Web Fonts provides high-quality fonts that you can create or use as is in your website design using the Google Fonts API. This allows you to search their vast library of over 400 fonts or create specific alterations and customize the design to match your brand, and then effortlessly add these fonts to any web page that you are working on. Leaving the standard fonts such as Arial and Verdana, as relics of the web past, Google Web Fonts gives designers complete flexibility to create great looking fonts for any of their online projects.

The obvious benefits to additional fonts are apparent but there are a few additional benefits that make Google Web Fonts extra valuable. These benefits include: the sheer volume of high quality open source fonts, the compatibility of these fonts with the majority of browsers, and the ease of use; not only for integration but also customization. Using them couldn’t be easier as it literally takes the addition as a special stylesheet and then referencing it in your regular CSS markup. Never before have you been able to create great looking fonts that are fully adaptable with CSS, with such effortless ease and speed. All of the fonts that are available in the directory are also released with open source licenses, meaning that you can use them for any project whether it is commercial or not.

If you are going to be designing print marketing materials and want to use the same font for this you can easily download the fonts and add them to your computers’ stored fonts. You can then use these fonts for any local project and/or upload them to your own server for the traditional font referencing. But if you don’t want to go through all of the extra steps you can simply copy the HTML snippet that is available in the Google Web Fonts use area and insert this code directly into your markup. 

Whether you are looking to add a splashy new font or just make sure that your font matches your overall branding strategy, using Google Web Fonts is a great tool to help you get this accomplished faster and easier than anything else. You are now not limited by the standard fonts, nor do you need to pay for highly expensive fonts to have a great looking font on your website.

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