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Being one of the most impressive places in North America if not the world, Toronto is a vibrant metropolitan mega-city with plenty of things to do, many places to see and sights to visit. With around six million people living there, finding something to do with your time hasn’t been easier as the city tries to keep each and every one of those numbers happy.
Recently we developed an awesome website for a far away client who flew in to meet with us and they were considering moving their company to Toronto. The only thing they really knew about Toronto was the CN Tower and Rob Ford in the news! So, rather than being unprepared on what to talk to clients about when it comes to living in and around the GTA, here are some thoughts!
A lot of people are overwhelmed by the concept of developing and implementing a content strategy for their website. The thought of doing something different and putting yourself out there to market your product or service can be very challenging if you don’t have a framework for this strategy. A widely used approach that will help build this framework for you is known for focusing on the people, the process, and the available technologies.
With the increasing use of mobile devices and the possible introduction of Google Glass 2013 is poised to change web design practices dramatically. Although it is difficult to predict where the future of our interactions with mobile devices will play out, reflecting on the possibilities will shed some light on the trends to watch out for in the years to come. Having the ability to reach people on all of the various devices from smart phones to smart televisions is an amazing feature of our integration with technology, but this leads to several website design requirements and techniques that need to be employed to ensure that your web presence and brand are uniformly represented. All of the trends seem to be converging or pivoting on a few key principles: valuable content, user experience (UX) centered and simplicity.
Designing a complex website can take a lot out of you and meeting those deadlines can add a mountain of stress in your life. You therefore need a way to blow off some steam and regather your faculties so that you can tackle the next project that will start the process all over again. Taking a motorcycle ride for the afternoon or a few days will do just this.
Every year I look forward for Christmas. It is not only because it’s gift-giving month but as well as the time for me to think about the past year's newest and greatest technology things. And this year is not an exemption.
I heard recently that Facebook was ending calling pages fan page and would turn to the term like page. The reasoning behind this is that they researched the term and people liked the term like better than fan. This makes lots of sense to me.
There are some who believe that artificial intelligence will involve creating a new intelligence and that intelligence will be housed in robotics. But what happens when we take the opposite idea and that we become the robotic mechanism that our brain exists in?
In this video tutorial I take a look at how to slice a design for your website in Photoshop. The slice tool is examined and how to select and use that tool.
In the following tutorial, we demonstrate what can be done with Photoshop's powerful text editing features.