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Not long after the big news of Microsoft purchasing Skype, the trending buzz is now about the integration of Skype into facebook which combines both social networking and video talking/conferencing into one social media platform.
After much thought, research and debate I have decided on which tablet I would get. The decision was not easy but here are my top five reasons why I choose to purchase an iPad 2.
The hubbub on the rise of open source web development programs are yet to be extinguished. The constant debate on whether open source makes sense is constantly being challenged by people of varying opinions.
Every work of art is a work of inspiration. Even the greatest artist of all times like Leonardo da Vinci gets some inspiration for their masterpieces. How much more for a graphic design artist like me who have continuous and repeated expectations from clients to achieve eye-popping...
Graphic design is an essential part of every website. The saying “first impression lasts” is true even in the virtual world. With thousands of other websites offering the same products and services that you have, you only have a few seconds to grab attention.
If you are fairly new to graphic design and would like to jumpstart your learning process, you need to get yourself familiar with adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is every graphic designer’s best friend.
Every year I look forward for Christmas. It is not only because it’s gift-giving month but as well as the time for me to think about the past year's newest and greatest technology things. And this year is not an exemption.
I heard recently that Facebook was ending calling pages fan page and would turn to the term like page. The reasoning behind this is that they researched the term and people liked the term like better than fan. This makes lots of sense to me.
I was talking to a business colleague recently at our weekly BNI (Business Network International) meeting about the power of Facebook and how one can leverage that power for their business.
The following video is our latest promotional piece that showcases some of our portfolio. Check it out and let us know what you think!