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In this blog posting, I will be showcasing ten websites that I believe work well. I have chosen these websites not as my favourite sites, but because over time they have left some sort of impression with me. Notice I did not say website designs that work because not all of these sites will win design awards in my books. So, here they are:
There are some who believe that artificial intelligence will involve creating a new intelligence and that intelligence will be housed in robotics. But what happens when we take the opposite idea and that we become the robotic mechanism that our brain exists in?
In this video tutorial I take a look at how to slice a design for your website in Photoshop. The slice tool is examined and how to select and use that tool.
In the following tutorial, we demonstrate what can be done with Photoshop's powerful text editing features.
Getting a website design company to build a really great site is one thing. But how does a company ensure that their marketing campaign really brings traffic to their website? Recently, I had a business asked me to set up a newsletter or email marketing account for them. I am all for marketing, but there are things to consider when setting up a plan to market one's products or services.
Article on Website Design Elements
2010 Superbowl Commercials
As we all have seen some tough economic times in the past year, the rush of new web technologies continues to advance as more and more people gain access to high speed and continue to connect with each other through Web 2.0 web sites
The first month in the 2010 New Year is almost over and it is an exciting time for of the year for our company. One of the things that I like to do in the beginning of each new year is to look at the year gone by. It is the one time that I can really take a good look at the challenges and think about what we can do better and celebrate the successes. 2009 has certainly brought forth both challenges and successes for The Creation Studio.
Yesterday, while in Melbourne Australia, I read in the Herald Sun that the CFA website had crashed. CFA is the Country Fire Authority. The CFA's website was to be a source of information during Victoria's bush fire season, as acting Premier Bob Hulls said that "it's absolutely crucial that people can rely on the CFA website to get accurate information".