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What started years ago as a simple mark-up language for documents has now developed into a powerful way to incorporate applications, interactive email, pictures, videos, and customized display depending how it is viewed. The further integration with JavaScript has afforded programmers the tools to create browser based applications that can rival the capabilities of locally installed programs.
There are some who believe that artificial intelligence will involve creating a new intelligence and that intelligence will be housed in robotics. But what happens when we take the opposite idea and that we become the robotic mechanism that our brain exists in?
In the following tutorial, we demonstrate what can be done with Photoshop's powerful text editing features.
Getting a website design company to build a really great site is one thing. But how does a company ensure that their marketing campaign really brings traffic to their website? Recently, I had a business asked me to set up a newsletter or email marketing account for them. I am all for marketing, but there are things to consider when setting up a plan to market one's products or services.
We published an article on Ezine Articles on marketing your website. You can view the article by clicking the link below.
Our new website launch was announced on Scribd.com. We have embeded this for your review.
Is it any surprise that the use of the Internet by millions of people to connect with each other, share ideas and to socially connect with each other gained its beginnings from the military? Like many projects the inception of the Internet began with the military.
Thirteen years ago In 1994 Yahoo had launched its website. During that year, Google, EBay or Amazon was not even heard of. These sites did not exist in 1994. So, what did websites look like in 1994? Most were text based and void of images. I loaded my first video game on a state-of -the-art DX2-66 with eleven floppy disks that held only 1.7mb of data. Now video games come on DVD because the amount of data for video games is enormous. The type of computer I had at that time may not mean much to most, but it had a 40 megabyte hard drive and that was considered huge. Now, I own a 350 gigabyte hard drive.
I mentioned on my Solutions page that I used to charge a very low price to attract businesses who wanted to have a website developed. This was at a time when I was just starting to build websites. The Creation Studio has come a long way since then, but there is one lesson that I want to write about that I have learned along the way.
Hi, and welcome to The Creation Studio, where you can get a great website, great service at a fair price! This is my new blog.